• Add some sparkle for a striking new look!
  • Hair tinsel is a semi permanent hair accessory that will enhance your hair color and style or add some sparkle or contrast to any hair style.
  • You’ll be surprised by the dramatic impact hair tinsel can have.
  • Perfect for that special occasion, holidays, wedding, prom, a special date or a night on the town.
  • Your hair can create an impact... just like you.

Hello and Welcome to Hairtinsel.net, people often ask me just what Hair Tinsel is and how did I come up with the idea? Well Hair Tinsel stemmed from my search for an affordable and temporary alternative to treating baldness after my daughter, who is 6, wanted to color her hair. I did not want to deprive her from feeling pretty but at the same time did not want her to dye her naturally pretty hair, the solution? Hair Tinsel. Located in www.hairtinsel.net you will find more information on Hair Tinsel along with the ability to order online or place an order by calling 877.8.TINSEL.

"Hair Tinsel is so easy to use. I love it!"
- Emily, Oregon

"My daughter loved hair tinsel. I loved it because it is more age appropriate and it does not require the maintenance of highlights."
- Lori, Idaho