• Opportunity to make 10 times your investment.
  • Offering hair tinsel will allow you to increase the average dollar spend for your existing customers.
  • Offer a product/service that is a more affordable option.
  • Hair Tinsel is a lower cost alternative to extensions or highlighting and color.
  • 17 color options.
  • Great for all ages and hair styles.
  • Easy to attach to hair.

So your salon has yet to offer the unique and stylish options of Hair Tinsel? Well it’s never to lat to start, and with all the bonuses to offering Hair Tinsel the time has never been better than right now. Hair Tinsel allows you the opportunity to make up to 10 times your original investment, Hair Tinsel will also allow you and your salon to increase the average solar spent for your existing clients by offering Hair Tinsel as an add on.

Hair Tinsel may also bring in new clients who are looking for a salon on the cutting edge of hair fashion, tired of simply dying streaks in their hair, many have opted for this more stylish and more affordable option in lue of traditional extensions and highlights.

Hair Tinsel is great for all ages, is easy to attach, can last for one evening or as long as 5 weeks and comes in 17 fun and stylish colors to customize your look. Contact us today to see how Hair Tinsel can help your salon keep up with the latest craze.

For Wholesale Pricing call us at 877.8.TINSEL.